Slow grasswidow evening

What do you do when you are home alone a saturday evening? Personally, I web2.0’d my life (i got facebook, a blog, remember the milk, dipity, evernote, and decided to rewrite/update my webpage). Also, I really got started building the Fokker DR.1.

To update, I screwed around a bit with eclipse pdt. I want to do this since I think the whole site looks pretty awful. I was ok with it “back then”, but not any more. I’ve been using eclipse for a few months to code c, c++, qt and I’ve grown rather fond of it. My first time with eclipse left me… well, let’s just say i went back for a few years to vim and loved it. Still wish there was a decent vim/eclipse plugin as i love vims command/edit mode.

I digress. Basically, what I did was Install subversion, make a copy of in subersion and a few other projects in there. I setup subversion with apache2. I know I suck that haven’t done this before. After that, I installed pdt, subclipse and a few other modules in eclipse and got it all working together. I think I might like the subclipse module, but still got a few things I need to find out.

I’m gonna get started on rewriting frozentux today I hope. Now, going for a walk first.

Updated Kodak CX4230 & Linux section

June 5, 2003 by · Leave a Comment
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I’ve gotten a lot of mail from different persons on the net asking about the CX4230 camera together with Linux, and hence I thought it may be worth adding a few extra last minute notes about it.

Updated Ipsysctl-tutorial

May 21, 2003 by · 4 Comments
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Updated version of the ipsysctl-tutorial released. For further information about what has happened, look at the ChangeLog. The biggest changes are fixed PDF and PS versions of the document, fixed some static links in the chunky.tgz and html.tgz packages and added proper ID tags to all sections in the document.

Modified/added stuff on iptables-tutorial frontpage

The iptables-tutorial frontpage has been modified to some extent. Mainly added upcoming translations, and translations already available. If anyone would be interested to make a translation, they are more than welcome to contact me. Also, I would like to thank everyone who has signed up their interest/non-interest in a printed copy of a book of the iptables-tutorial. Everyone who has signed their interest, and e-mail address will shortly receive a mail letting them know more about this. Everyone who has signed up a non-interest and e-mail address will receive a thank you mail for their participation. I will however, continue to keep the interest page open.

Added Miscellany section

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A miscellany section has been added, containing lots of junk and other stuff that I am no longer developing, or that I have written previously. If anyone is interested in using any of the code, they are welcome to. This could mainly be looked upon as a junkyard of more or less useful scrap.

Finally a new Ipsysctl tutorial (version 1.0.3)

April 26, 2003 by · 1 Comment
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Finally a new version of the Ipsysctl tutorial. This version contains some updates, such as explanation of jiffies, arp_filter and details about icmp_ratemask and ratelimit. The biggest changes however, are the Postscript and PDF formats which are back. I will probably not maintain the PDF format, but since it
magically works again, it is included. There are also a lot of internal changes to the documents that will not show. For a complete listing of all the changes read the <A HREF="">ChangeLog</A>. you will find the document <A HREF="">here</A>.

Iptables tutorial 1.1.18 released!

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This is a fast release with some minor changes and updates. Since I did a reinstall of Debian at home, I was forced to compile the last version on an old redhat installation. Apparently, this created tons of troubles with blackened out images, deep links crashed, and so on. This version contains minor updates of differents sorts as well, and the old deep links should now work again. For a detailed list of the new changes, have have a look at the <A HREF="">ChangeLog</A>. The tutorial is available at <A HREF=""></A>.

Added V@csin reselling

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This day the V@csin retail section was added. It was a long time coming, and it is finally here. V@csin is an excellent antivirus and antispam solution for all companies. I have by now personally used the V@csin solution for close to half a year, and it is currently blocking circa 13.000 spams per month, and only some 200-250 spams get through per month. That is, some 400-450 spams per day is blocked, while less than 10 spams per day get through. If you are interested, look at the <a href="">V@csin</a> page on this site.

Iptables tutorial 1.1.17 released

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The iptables-tutorial has finally been released in a new version. This version contains several minor updates, such as fixed admonition images, spelling errors, garbled programlistings and some variables to cohere with the explanations in the tutorial. This version also adds a prerequisites section, more detailed explanations on how to list rulesets, and some minor explanations. For a detailed list of the new changes, have have a look at the <A HREF="">ChangeLog</A>. The tutorial is available at <A HREF=""></A>.

Miscellany update

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Two new scripts added to the miscellany section, just for fun. I will add more later on, which may be a little bit more useful to you. Also, as some of you may have noticed, I have been very quiet for a long time. There are things happening that will take some time more to finish, that will hopefully make people a little bit happy in the future. As some has also noticed, there is the new banner on top of the page which points to a site I am partially related to working on. Hopefully, this will not cause too much of a problem for people:).

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