This page contains some different projects written in python. I really like python for it’s flexibility and ease of writing in comparison to more “chatty” languages.It’s a bit harder to make sure code is actually properly working and it’s very easy to just hack something together in the language, but at the same time it really delivers on rapid prototyping etc.


This project contains a very simple tool written in python to make recordings of your desktop or windows. It only works with Linux and requires xwininfo, ffmpeg, gtk+ and pygtk. The structure isn’t optimal and the tool might need a bit more work, but I’m hoping to get some feedback by putting it up here. I have seen some other tools able to do this, and ffmpeg does it as well, just not so nicely packaged and easy to use, hence wrapping it up in this very simple tool.


This project deserves it’s own page. Basically, I’ve written a simplified python api for the Eve Api, which takes care of local caching etc for you. This project is very much in development and very unstable, which means I haven’t released it just yet, but some information is available for now. I’m hoping for a first release as soon as I feel more comfortable with the caching functions and supports a bit more of the Api.