This project contains a very simple tool written in python to make recordings of your desktop or windows. It only works with Linux and requires xwininfo, ffmpeg, gtk+ and pygtk. The structure isn’t optimal and the tool might need a bit more work, but I’m hoping to get some feedback by putting it up here. I have seen some other tools able to do this, and ffmpeg does it as well, just not so nicely packaged and easy to use, hence wrapping it up in this very simple tool.

It is extremely simple to setup and use. Run the Screenmovie/src/ file. A Notification Area symbol will appear. Right click it to get a menu for Preferences and/or Quit. Preferences lets you choose frame rate of the recording, codec (currently very much experimental), and where the videos will be saved. To operate it, click the icon once, then choose the window you want to record by clicking it (or entire screen by clicking the desktop). Recording starts immediately. To stop recording, click the icon again.




Below are a few screenshots of the application.