This section mostly contains junk that noone will ever be be interested in, but I put it up here anyways. Have a look around and see if you are interested in anything, and if you are, let me know.

This is only part of all the junk scripts I have lying around, and some of the others may show up here if I ever get the time to get them online.


As already stated, eve-online is very heavy on statistics, calculations and economics. I’m personally building quite a lot of ammo and “commodities” to maintain my PVP character. This costs in time consumed in production, mineral costs, and so forth. To calculate my break even points, and profit margins, I use this spreadsheet.


Another example taken from eve-online. Each individual is a member of a corporation (to begin with a newbie corp), which in turn can be part of an alliance. After leaving one of the most renowned mercenary alliances in the game, our corporation (Grey Council), winded up in an alliance called Hydra in the hopes of improving their Player Vs Player (PVP) skills. I think we did. This R script gives some rubbish statistics (unfortunately), I’m not as good a spreadsheet/math hacker as I am a PVP’er… :-).


This is a test script I wrote to plot efficiency ratings in a game called eve-online. For a long time I’ve been hooked to it, and in all honesty it’s as much a game of spreadsheet skills as it is of … well, internet spaceships. I used this for sample data to do different graphs with in R. I’m putting it up here as an example of how to use R.


A small script written to handle startup of the eve client for my ubuntu 9.10 installation. It handles some minor bugs/problems with the client and the wine, and some of the problems caused by how i configured the eveonline client with wine.