SSL certificate updated slightly late

Due to being away for the duration of last week, I missed the renewal of the SSL certificate. This should be fixed now as I’ve moved to letsencrypt using certbot for autorenewal. I hope this should solve the problem for the future.

As a sidenote, I was attending the DevOps World in Nice last week. Very interesting week, I’ll try to write up on some of the topics I found interesting. Also, I’ve been experimenting with “other” solutions than jenkins + gitlab + atlassian tools as of late, I found some rather nice setups using gitea and that I’ll try to write about as well.

Iptables-tutorial work

It’s been a while since I looked at the iptables-tutorial to say the least. The last real commits where 9 years ago and the last proper release is closer to 13 years ago….

The last two three days I kind of picked it up again, for fun mostly. In the end of my maintenance of the project I kind of burnt myself out on the whole topic, I just did not want to do the whole thing anymore. I’ve grown and changed as a person since then. I don’t have the same spare time for one.

My first order of business, The build system was always a mess and I started cleaning out stuff that shouldn’t be there. A bunch of old scripts have been removed, I managed to remove the dependency on the fabpdf backend for jade and also the eps_to_png script with that, and almost all of the scripts where removed. The Spanish and Portuguese builds where similarly cleaned up. Finally a Travis file was added to get automated builds running on Travis, and this actually works now!

I’m getting close to making a 1.2.3 release imho to get something new out there. The actual content has barely changed to be honest, maybe a few words at the most, but it feels like something that would be nice to get out there.

The task of getting this documentation up to par is a tremendous effort to be honest, and I’d be really interested in getting help from anyone who reads this. If you feel like contributing, contact me, check the code out on github, add bugs/tasks on stuff you find that is wrong, or provide pull requests. I would be thrilled to have other people working on this as well so it becomes more vibrant again and don’t stagnate as it has done over time.

FOSDEM 2016 is over

I went to FOSDEM 2016 this year with 8 other colleagues of mine and had a really really good time. A lot of good speeches and stuff to talk about and I feel very motivated for some new projects. Some of the stuff going on right now is incredibly exciting, especially with regards to containerization etc which is something I have a lot of personal and work related interest in. I will be looking into more details in that for the future…

What I did miss was a more “general networking” track with low level stuff like iptables, netfilter, iproute, wireshark, snort, etc. I’m just not sure if this is the right conference for that though. Gathering my thoughts and working out some of the project details in the upcoming week if I get time.

SSL certs updated

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The SSL certificates where updated on this site and I also switched over to a Comodo certificate from StartSSL as I screwed somethings up due to being tired.

If anyone has any problems with the certificates please let me know by email and I will try to fix it.

Iptables-tutorial and ipsysctl-tutorial on github

I guess I should have done this a long long time ago. Both the iptables-tutorial and the ipsysctl-tutorial source code are now available on github. Many many years ago I had an idea of putting the version control system out there for use, but I never realized it for various reasons. Both these documents are old by today, but the basic information is still valid and will likely be for a long time to come it seems.

I apologize for the version history, I moved from CVS in a rather rude way to SVN without keeping the history, which was what I used back in those days.

I invite anyone and everyone to do edits if they wish to and send me pull requests to fix the issues they find, or to add the documentation they’d like to add.

The iptables tutorial is available at:

The ipsysctl tutorial is available at:

Server move update

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Most of the server move was finished during the last few days and no major interruptions of services where endured as far as I can tell except due to some cock-up with the SSL certificates.

The new server should be able to cope with the rather small loads this site creates.

Moving to new host

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A small update, I will unfortunately be moving to a new host within the upcoming weeks. I’ve been graciously hosted by for the last… many years and I am tremenduously grateful for the excellent help and services I’ve received from them. Unfortunately it looks like they are closing down, and hence I need to find a new home. I’ve found one at for now, we will see how that pans out. During this time there may be some disruptions to services on this webpage and my mail. I will try to keep this down however. For now, I’ve started setting up a server and preparing for the final move.


More server issues and bad links fixed

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Several more server issues where found which in turn caused the server to DoS’ing itself with disk-io. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, personal life has taken too much time simply.

Also, based on reports from some users, I’ve fixed several bad links in the iptables-tutorial and ipsysctl-tutorial documents. This was caused by an earlier move between servers.

If you find any other issues, let me know!

Server troubles

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Since the server update we’ve experienced several issues causing disruptions and downtimes. We believe that the issue causing the problems have been addressed and that webserver should resume normal operations from now on.

Server update

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The server was updated during the last week thanks to very good friends at The old server had some issues with sporadic crashes causing a some downtime over the last two years, which was the main reason for the update. As a part of the server update, all web content and accesses should be protected using HTTPS from now on, and a lot of backend stuff has changed as well. If you are experiencing any issues with the site, don’t hesitate letting me know about it.

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