Iptables-tutorial and ipsysctl-tutorial on github

I guess I should have done this a long long time ago. Both the iptables-tutorial and the ipsysctl-tutorial source code are now available on github. Many many years ago I had an idea of putting the version control system out there for use, but I never realized it for various reasons. Both these documents are old by today, but the basic information is still valid and will likely be for a long time to come it seems.

I apologize for the version history, I moved from CVS in a rather rude way to SVN without keeping the history, which was what I used back in those days.

I invite anyone and everyone to do edits if they wish to and send me pull requests to fix the issues they find, or to add the documentation they’d like to add.

The iptables tutorial is available at:

The ipsysctl tutorial is available at:

Updated Ipsysctl-tutorial

May 21, 2003 by · 4 Comments
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Updated version of the ipsysctl-tutorial released. For further information about what has happened, look at the ChangeLog. The biggest changes are fixed PDF and PS versions of the document, fixed some static links in the chunky.tgz and html.tgz packages and added proper ID tags to all sections in the document.

Finally a new Ipsysctl tutorial (version 1.0.3)

April 26, 2003 by · 1 Comment
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Finally a new version of the Ipsysctl tutorial. This version contains some updates, such as explanation of jiffies, arp_filter and details about icmp_ratemask and ratelimit. The biggest changes however, are the Postscript and PDF formats which are back. I will probably not maintain the PDF format, but since it
magically works again, it is included. There are also a lot of internal changes to the documents that will not show. For a complete listing of all the changes read the <A HREF="http://ipsysctl-tutorial.frozentux.net/ChangeLog">ChangeLog</A>. you will find the document <A HREF="http://ipsysctl-tutorial.frozentux.net/">here</A>.

Ipsysctl-tutorial 1.0.2 release

December 19, 2002 by · Leave a Comment
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This release of the ipsysctl tutorial is unfortunately rather broken in many places, however, I thought I should at least release this version of the document since I will be gone for close to 2 weeks during the christmas holidays. Not a lot of new material has been added, but a lot of minor fixes all over the document has been made. The main problems at this moment, is that the PostScript output is broken. I will work on this as soon as I get back.

Ipsysctl-tutorial 1.0.1 release

October 23, 2002 by · Leave a Comment
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This release of the ipsysctl-tutorial fixes some of the initial bugs and errors of the tutorial. It is still in extreme beta, but it should at least be plausibly correct in most cases. It is available <A