As most people who finds their way to this page most likely already knows, my name is Oskar Andreasson. I’m currently employed as a developer/designer consultant at EIS by Semcon since 2008 and have a history of dabbling with networks and Linux/Unix systems as this site should be a testament of. I’m also interested in a multitude of areas such as embedded development, efficient management, autonomous computer and robot systems (including AUV’s and robots for example), radio and network communications. Most of these interests will most likely never reach much more than that, interests, but I might write a little bit here and there about it.

This site was originally set up to handle just a single project, the iptables-tutorial, but has since then grown and become a much larger site with all of the projects I’m working on in public. The design has changed three times so far, each time reflecting a bit of a change in my mind-set, goals and visions of this page.This latest incarnation has come up for a few reasons, this is just a sample of them:

  • Old site was too rigid and cumbersome to update and add material to.
  • Old site was simply not good looking, some might even say bad looking.
  • I’ve had a shift in ideas on how to write documentation, blogging and small pages is actually a valid place for simple documentation, as long as you take it at face’ worth. Simpler pages of information is also useful.
  • WordPress actually gives me the framework to do fast iterations in development/writing. It is also pluggable with new plugins.