This section contains several different smaller papers written by me during different times of my life. They are either in a finished or a cancelled state. No changes should take place, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


This article is a spawn from my personal notes taken during the last couple of months working the COBRA5329 platform and the uClinux [UCLINUX] distribution. Mainly this is the work and conclusions i’ve drawn from trying to reduce memory usage in the uClinux kernel, and to save system resources on the platform. The main problem with shipped implementation and current uClinux implementations are the memory hungryness of the kernel and lack of a good working memory management system. From a pure hardware standpoint, this is also a discussion about the MMU-less problems and possible ways to help eliminate them.


Upcoming as it’s not yet completely finished. Have some more editing and text to be done. This is a discussion of some compilation tests and conclusions i’ve drawn while trying to distribute a build over several nodes and adding object caching to a some build processes. The tests in themself are fairly obvious, but extensive.

Embedded Linux Project Development (ELPD) paper

Also upcoming paper. Will take some more time, but it’s come a long way. These are draft suggestions at how to lead and manage an Embedded Linux Project and how it might be broken down for a normal project. Linux projects are different to what many are used to and requires lots of consideration and planning that one might not anticipate the first time around.

CSTP RFC draft

This is a cancelled IETF draft documenting a new protocol which may be used to connect several firewalls together, and to share connection states between these stateful firewalls. The idea was to create a protocol allowing failover and loadbalancing between two or more firewalls and routers, but it never came to out as I hoped it to, and I never had the time to actually write a test implementation, nor finish the document.