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This document aims at giving more in depth explanations about the different ip sysctl calls available in the Linux kernel. So far, this document is under heavy writing, so some of the variables are not explained yet, while others are simply wrong. As time progresses, it should become more and more evolved however.

The first goal to reach, is to create a complete reference to all different ip sysctl’s. This is a huge undertaking, and very timeconsuming so you are all more than welcome to contribute, provide corrections, and to simply read it and see if you find anything hard to understand.

If there are any kind of thoughts or comments, send your feedback and I will fix it. For those who wish to contribute, I accept diff’s done against the docbook source package. No HTML!

All bugs and errors are mine, all credit goes to the people who has helped me.

* Fixed minor details in icmp_ratemask and ratelimit (Don Cohen)
* Added explanation of jiffies in appendices.
* Added explanation of arp_filter. (Martin A. Brown)
* Added RFC 791 and 1123 (Don Cohen)
* Added TCP tuning information to the variable reference, with links to DIDC (Brian Tierney)
* Added missing icmp_ratemask_ex.gif image.
* Fixed up the Makefile to work 100% on Debian.
* Moved all admonition images to images.
* Removed stylesheet-images directory and in Makefile.
* Fixed PostScript output again.
* PDF format also works, miracuously. Will not support, but as long as it works...