This is a really simple api I made for python to simplify interfacing with the Eve API. There was certain new API’s that I was very interested in using, and I have never programmed anything on a larger scale in Python before, so I decided to write a simple API for the Eve API in python, and some different applications for it. For now, I have not finished it yet and only partial API support is implemented so far.


There is still a lot of improvements that needs to be done, but it handles caching perfectly fine for me (timezone handling still needs working). It downloads and parses the XML into a normal DOM structure and provides some functions for handling it.

Currently supported cache styles are:

  • Short
  • Modified Short
  • Long
  • Modified Long

Currently supported API’s are:

  • Account API:Output of
    • Characters
  • Character API:
    • AccountBalance
    • IndustryJobs
    • MailMessages – semiworking
    • MarketOrders
    • SkillInTraining
    • SkillQueue
    • WalletTransactions

On top of this, a separate package called EveConsole was created with python scripts to manage and read Eve API’s via command lines.

Downloads output