Iptables tutorial 1.1.18 released!

April 24, 2003 by
Filed under: Frozentux.net, Iptables, Linux, Netfilter 

This is a fast release with some minor changes and updates. Since I did a reinstall of Debian at home, I was forced to compile the last version on an old redhat installation. Apparently, this created tons of troubles with blackened out images, deep links crashed, and so on. This version contains minor updates of differents sorts as well, and the old deep links should now work again. For a detailed list of the new changes, have have a look at the <A HREF="http://iptables-tutorial.frozentux.net/ChangeLog">ChangeLog</A>. The tutorial is available at <A HREF="http://iptables-tutorial.frozentux.net">http://iptables-tutorial.frozentux.net</A>.


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