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March 11, 2010 by · Leave a Comment
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Due to the amount of spam I receive in the comments fields of this site, I decided to turn on the requirement for all users to be logged in to post any comments. So far, there has been 770 spams posted and only 38 real comments. It’s easy to clean the spams out for sure (akismet, normal users don’t even have to see them), but just seeing the names of some of the links spammed are making me sick.

As a sidenote, with todays climate, maybe I shouldn’t say this, but if I ever ran into a person with the “quirkiness” required to watch (or for that matter produce) what is spammed these days, I’d probably go completely ballistic and on a killing spree. I definitely don’t condone the type of filtering done and/or tested on national levels, such as in Australia and Germany, but I can definitely understand why less hardened people turn to those extremes. My main reason for disliking that filtering isn’t really the content it is supposed to target, but rather where it is heading. The step from no filtering to filtering extreme sex is much larger than  the step from extreme sex to “rough” sex, and who will draw the line in the end?

What is the difference between extreme and normal? Most humans like to see things in black and white, and we forget about the greyscales. This is trait easily manipulated by people with an agenda (christian and muslim extremists, politicians, law enforcements and so forth) by pretty much saying “Look here, look at that absolute abomination of a thing going on, we can not allow this to happen to XXX. Let’s do something, let’s ban everything remotely connected to it.” In all honesty, that shit scares the hell out of me. Not so much the rethoric used, but the fact that so many falls for it. This whole 0-tolerance, black and white and fight or flight mentallity.

Anyways, just some random thoughts on the matter.