Mat Honan hack “cloud isn’t so bad” comment

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Just read this by Ron Miller  and while I don’t mind the cloud (I use several cloud services extensively), I do think he’s completely missing the point. Yes, the cloud is as vulnerable as any other machine etc that I or someone else has set up. However, the daisychaining and the ability of the hacker to wipe out the entire storage media on the phone, tablet and the laptop wouldn’t have been an issue with old school IT. The main point of the original article by Mat Honan was that he felt stupid for not doing proper backups, and having setup remote wipe. Having a backup on dropbox, ubuntu one or some other place in the cloud just isn’t safe enough, imho. The way dropbox etc works, you can always wipe out the files in question permanently. A lot of cloud functions adds a lot of liability that we didn’t have before. This hack and the loss of his personal data would never have happened in 2000 as his phone and laptop wouldn’t had  a remote wipe function so easily accessible for anyone, and the tablet was barely “invented” yet.