Slow grasswidow evening

What do you do when you are home alone a saturday evening? Personally, I web2.0’d my life (i got facebook, a blog, remember the milk, dipity, evernote, and decided to rewrite/update my webpage). Also, I really got started building the Fokker DR.1.

To update, I screwed around a bit with eclipse pdt. I want to do this since I think the whole site looks pretty awful. I was ok with it “back then”, but not any more. I’ve been using eclipse for a few months to code c, c++, qt and I’ve grown rather fond of it. My first time with eclipse left me… well, let’s just say i went back for a few years to vim and loved it. Still wish there was a decent vim/eclipse plugin as i love vims command/edit mode.

I digress. Basically, what I did was Install subversion, make a copy of in subersion and a few other projects in there. I setup subversion with apache2. I know I suck that haven’t done this before. After that, I installed pdt, subclipse and a few other modules in eclipse and got it all working together. I think I might like the subclipse module, but still got a few things I need to find out.

I’m gonna get started on rewriting frozentux today I hope. Now, going for a walk first.

First entry (a.k.a. I’ve joined the dark side, I’m blogging)

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Ok, I’m blogging? Now what? 😉 . Nah, I’m hoping to use this site as a place to collect information about what I’m currently working on etc. Maybe an introduction?

Yes, I’m the idiot behind, yes i wrote the iptables and ipsysctl tutorial stuff a long time ago. It’s unfortunately a long time ago, and rather rusty. I grew very tired of it during the last update of the iptables tutorial (even earlier actually, but lets keep it simple). I’m not sure at this point if i will try to get it rolling again, but it is possible, depending on how much work it will be to update it.

Other projects i’ve been boring myself with as of late:

  • Coding (trolltech qt/qtopia calculator, notepad, other stuff to learn the qt api etc). I love QT to be honest, wonderful so far, and you can do hilarious stuff with the stylesheets. Need this for work.
  • Working on some model aircrafts (a balsa built RC one in the countryside which i only have access to very seldom and a guillow’s balsa scale Fokker DR.1 at the moment). I need relaxation from computers once in a while, this is _awesome_ stuff to relax with.
  • Still some general security stuff, been a while since, feels nice to be back on homefield once in a while.
  • Started web2.0’ing my life, Ie I now come with shiny buttons and instead of tcp sockets i come with a http api. Seriously just trying this blogging, twitter, dipity, stuff, some stuff will stay, some i’ll get bored with. EverNote will stay, _awesome_ stuff. Remember the milk will be investigated… it has potential;).
  • Some testing to do with my HTPC, using ubuntu and mythtv… this will get a lot of attention soon as I got seriously pissed at mythtv some time ago. To those gurus at it, apologies, but it sucks as far as ive seen so far, and it was a while since i did any work on it, but it needs to be revisited. Graphics was horribly buggy, some weirdness with unpacking/loading images etc which took close to 5-10 minutes on startup and so forth.

Added V@csin reselling

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This day the V@csin retail section was added. It was a long time coming, and it is finally here. V@csin is an excellent antivirus and antispam solution for all companies. I have by now personally used the V@csin solution for close to half a year, and it is currently blocking circa 13.000 spams per month, and only some 200-250 spams get through per month. That is, some 400-450 spams per day is blocked, while less than 10 spams per day get through. If you are interested, look at the <a href="">V@csin</a> page on this site.

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