FMEA of Door and conclusions

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If Cavemen had done an FMEA of the door when it was invented, this would possibly be the outcome.
Item Potential Failure mode Potential Effects of failure Severity Rating Potential Causes Occurence rating
Open door Person behind door gets door in face  – Broken neck
– Death
– Bleeding nose
5-6  – Two persons trying to pass the same door
– Door placed to open into corridor
– -“- onto esplanade
– Badly placed painting on back of door
Open door Hidden vicious monster on other side  – Death
– Loss of limb
– Loss of head
10  – Door opens into wilderness
– Glass not yet invented, so other side of door can not be inspected
Close door Limbs get stuck between door and doorway  – Loss of limb
– Broken fingers/toes
– broken nails
– Bloodshed
7  – Person is angry and slams door shut
– Annoying salesman sticks foot into door
– Forgot person behind you
Run through door Other side opens into chasm
Other side opens up on multistory building
Other side opens up into ocean
 – Falling off high cliff
– Death
– Drowning
– Bludgeoning
– Cuts and bruises
10  – Earth activity causes earthquake and resulting chasm on other side of door
– Balcony fell down
– Global warming caused ocean to rise
– Person was in a rush, running through the door, falling off.


If the cavemen would have been engineers, they would never have invented the door, or at least not used it.


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