Removing U3 from a SanDisk cruzer micro 1gb memory

October 9, 2008 by
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Girlfriend has had a USB memory stick for a long long time now, and every time I plugged it into the computer, I’ve gotten completely raving mad at how retarded it is. The story is this, it has 2 separate partitions. 1 partition where you save files etc, and a “system” partition containing something called U3. U3 is closest described as a virus imho.

The system partition is read only and I found no way of easily making it read/write/formattable. Every time you plug in the USB stick, it will autorun a junk program called U3 launchpad with a lot of popups showing up to let you know about it, and it has a bad notion of trying to be a second “start” menu or something.

Anyways, I decided for the 3rd time to try and remove this crap from the USB stick, both times before I got about 10 minutes into the process, at which time the computer had locked up hard on me 2-3 times, and almost had me stomping on the memory stick out of sheer annoyance. Same thing happened this time. But, I had some more perseverance, and actually access to the internet this time, and started searching for others with the same kind of problem.

I found this: . The sheer idiocy of this amazes me. Let’s assume that here I am buying a memory stick to help me “when I have no access to the internet”, and I get some junk with me on the usb drive. The only way of getting rid of the junk, is to download an application off of the “thing I will likely not have access to”.

So, I download the application, and run it. It asked me if I wanted to backup the data on the memory stick. I did, so I choose to backup data on it, and continued. It downloaded the data properly to the harddrive it looked like, and continued to reformat the drive. At this point, it crashed, trying to replug the USB drive didn’t work — apparently the driver for the drive was already installed. So, reboot the computer, and it finally recognizes the drive again. It’s empty, no more U3, but the application never got around to actually formatting the new drive and reinsert the backed up data. No worries I think, I format the drive, and manage to search down the backup to C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataU3tempU3BkUpDir. Guess what, the application only copied the directory structure, no data is actually in the directories.

And they have the audacity to _really really_ try to talk me into “nooo, you want to keep this application, it will save your life” more or less. It’s a freaking virus. It’s actually harder to get rid of than quite a lot of viruses, and caused more of a havoc imho. Anyways, check out the above link to get rid of U3. And be prepared to backup data on your own


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