Cuckolding electric utility company

August 26, 2008 by
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Just wanted to say, f***ing electric utility company, they’re pissing me off so much right now. Plusenergi has done pretty much every single thing wrong that they can. When we moved here, they tried charging me for the actual apartment, and then my girlfriend for the basement (owned by the landlord). Then it took several phonecalls to get that right.

This time around, they’ve sent my electric bill to my old apartment. So, they send my bills to the right address for almost a year, then all of a sudden decide that my old address should have it, but still sends the bill for the right electric installation?

Anyways, I got the second notice about electrics last wednesday, paid it asap, and just checking it with my bank, it was paid this friday, and the money was docked. Today, I got a debt collection mail from svea inkasso, so I call them, tell them I’ve paid the bill, they tell me that they’ve made a remark about calling to check with plusenergi before taking any further steps (yeah right).

Not satisfied, I call plusenergi directly to ask them what’s happened. Oh, they have _hopefully_ fixed my address again, that was the first order of business. Then I went on to ask if the bill was paid, nope, it’s not according to them. Double check account numbers, reference numbers and so forth, everything checks out. Their final word “can you call us back tomorrow, maybe the money will be here then”.

No wonder Electric utility companies are so doing so freakishly well these days. The people who used to turn into pirates are today turning into representatives and executives of the electricity companies. Whatever you _ever_ do, avoid plusenergi, I’ve had it with them.


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