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It’s been a long and rough weekend. Friday started out easily, just softing at home and preparing for the day after…

Saturday was the big day, Göteborg Aero Show 2008 :-P. It’s such a damn long time since I was last at an airshow, but it was awesome. I loved it so much. I’ve seen all the old nice airplanes, heard a lot of news (well, news to me, I’ve been out of the loop for a long time now). My sister managed to run into old friends of my father, and we got a vip visit to some really sweet airplanes :P.

We also got to see some really nice airshows. I think in general, it was a very nice show, but there was a few kinks. If I understood it correctly, this was the first show that these people planned so I have full respect if a few things didn’t turn out perfect (practice makes perfect after all). Also the people planning it didnt anticipate just how big success the airshow would be, which made for some minor kinks as well. None of this was really a big problem. The biggest problem I noticed was that we had to wait 45 minutes in line for food (they kept running out). Also, the spitfire had some problems with the ignition, so they had to cancel that flight during the saturday schedule, which made me very sad as it’s always been one of my favourite aircrafts.

Also, a big big big downer, swedish airforce is so horribly low on funds so they can no longer fly their airplanes properly from what I’ve heard on the news. It showed at this airshow as they didn’t fly the jas 39 gripen at all. They had a rather … weak display of 3 gripen on the ground, that was it from what I saw (except for a few helicopters as well). Privately funded groups, fantasts and hobbyists did more of a show than the military did.. I’m not blaming the airforce, I’m pretty much blaming the idiots in suites running this country. Damn hippies.

Once we left the airshow, unfortunately had to leave 30-45minutes early due to crayfish party and to get ahead of the lines from the airshow, I realized that I had burnt my face to a crisp pretty much.

I got home, showered, switched clothes, and ran down to go to the crayfish party, met my girlfriend in the door, and she started laughing like a maniac and went on to thank me for preparing so vigoriously the entire day for the crayfish party (even coloring myself for it)…

Either way, we went for the crayfish party, I winded up getting overly refreshed, fell asleep on a clapping chair for almost 45 minutes. See image for a demonstration of what kind of chair it was. I’m still sore today from that :P.

And today, we winded up starting the day with cleaning up a bit in the apartment, doing dishes, and so forth before my mother + sister + kid came for a visit. Nice day in general imho.

Long entry :-).


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