1. Why this document

I started writing this documentation in the hopes that it would help people understand the IP options provided by Linux 2.4, and what you can do with these options. This is a plain text documentation, hoping to give the necessary understanding and help to configure your kernel on the fly, and to get it up and running in a way that suites you. A lot of these options can also be used to increase performance, as well as strengthen the security. We will not discuss all the different sections of the sysctl in this document, but instead focus on the network sections of the system control, or sysctl as it is called. Hopefully this documentation will fill a gap in the documentation, and if you're reading this, it probably has. Mainly, there are no really good documentations detailing the whole structure of all the ipsysctl from what I have seen that documents all the networking options, except the ip-sysctl.txt file in the linux kernel documentation, which is really really brief in explaining what the options could be used for.

I believe there is a lot of documentation out there detailing the usage of these options and variables, however, none of them brings them together and describes them in detail. If you found this document to be a good read, or interesting in general, feel free to donate, help out, translate, or whatever you feel like. The main thing of all however, send bugreports so I can update the document and see to it that there is no stale errors or problems due to changes in the kernel etcetera. If you find an sysctl command that has not been documented here, or is not listed, send me a mail and I will try to get it inserted as soon as possible.