2. Intended audience & prerequisite knowledge

This document is intended for evyerone with an intermediate through advanced understanding of TCP/IP as well as the Linux operating system. You should understand TCP/IP fairly well, as well as understand what a packet header is and what parts it consists of. You will also need a lot of understanding of routing and the core of TCP/IP networking.

In general, this document was not intended for the novice Linux user, but you may have some luck checking through this document if you are experiencing specific needs. Be absolutely 100% certain that you have understood the variables in question before you do change them though, since some of them may cause really interesting results.

This document should be readable by anyone who has a interest in computers and computer networks in specific, and prerequisite knowledge. It is aimed at giving a basic understanding of the different variables available through the ipsysctl, but also to make it easier to go even further in understanding what each specific variable do.